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Your Apps

Idea, Meet Skills.

Got an idea for an app to start or grow your business? You can’t do everything yourself! We’re business-savvy, artistic geeks and we’re here to create your app. We value form and function and we’ll turn your idea into a simple, beautiful app that performs.

1. You Talk. We Listen.

You know what you want and we’d like you to tell us, in your own words. We don’t dwell on technology, so we want to understand your motives and goals. An app is a tool and we know it. We’ll ask lots of questions and we’ll make frank comments, without any strings attached.

2. We Build. You Guide.

We’ll offer you an initial design and once you agree we’ll start building. It’s good to have feedback, so from time to time we’ll show you what we’re up to. You’re free to choose your level of involvement. And when you’ll inevitably change your mind, we’ll discuss and try to accommodate.

3. We Test. You Approve.

What you and us think about the app is good. But what the intended users think is necessary. We’ll put the prototype app in the hands of such people internationally and take their pulse. What to keep and what to throw away is an art that we possess. It all has to meet your expectations though.

4. We Launch. Together.

We understand that launching your app might be backed by launching a promotional effort. We’ll handle all the details for getting your app out there and we’ll synchronize with your campaign. We’ll then introduce you to the tools for collecting app statistics and we’ll pop the Champagne!

5. You Need. We Support.

There’s always room for improvement. A new idea might come from you or from your users. We can take it! We’ll work with you to integrate new ideas in future releases. Needless to say that we’ll also be there to fix any problems. It’s also our baby you know.

Your App

Simple. Beautiful. Snappy.

Available for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

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