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What we do.

Zaxpy makes simple, beautiful apps that perform. We create apps on request, but we also experiment with our own apps. We have the skills and the experience and you can easily approach us. Based in London, UK and Athens, Greece, we work internationally.

Who we are.

A sum is better than its parts, but you need good parts to begin with. Zaxpy consists of a designer, a developer and an artist, all seasoned professionals. Our size makes us versatile and accessible, so you can get your wish granted without fuss.

The X

Manager, app designer and wild card extraordinaire. Has written songs and built particle detectors (seriously). The force is strong with this one.

United Kingdom

145-157 St John Street

EC1V 4PW London


The Y

Doesn’t fly (yet), but climbs rocks for fun. A true scientist behind the mask. Iron-strong in data modeling, economics and backend development.


Levadeias 27

16561 Glyfada


The Z

It may look like he’s chilling, but he’s actually getting inspired. Artists embrace weirdness after all. Don’t be fooled if you see him testing apps as well.

Where we are.

The correct answer would be “Earth”. We can serve you the fruits of our labor wherever you are. Sure, we have a couple of places to sleep, but we’re mostly online. Try us. Call, write, poke or tweet. We’ll be happy to listen and chat.

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