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Tria Lite

Classic pastime. Five variations.

Simple. Smart. Free.

Simple Rules. Challenging Times.

We all know and love Tic-Tac-Toe. It can quickly become futile though. Tria is as simple, but more challenging. You still try to get three-in-a-row, but you use pieces that you can move around.

Tria has two players with typically three pieces each. Players take turns placing and moving their pieces among nine positions on a board. Once placed on the board, pieces can normally move only to neighboring, open positions. The first player who aligns its three pieces wins. If players keep repeating the same moves, the game ends in a draw.

One Package. Five Games.

Tria is a game of alignment. Under various names and rules, alignment games have been played around the world for the last three millennia. We have packaged five popular variations with Tria (two, in the Lite edition). The variation can be changed at any time, restarting a game in progress.   


Each player has four pieces. Aligning any three out of those pieces is a win.

Tant Fant.

Pieces begin placed on the board at the “Home Row”. Alignment on the Home Row does not win.


Pieces can move only to neighboring, open positions. The default variation in Tria Lite.

Three Men’s Morris.

In this challenging variation, pieces can move to any open position.


When placing pieces on the board, the central position cannot be used for any piece.

Start Gently. Get Tough Running.

Tria is simple, so it’s accessible to many people. Skills vary though, so adjusting the level of difficulty can make things more personal. There are five levels in Tria (three, in the Lite edition). As you progress from novice to expert, your opponent  makes better guesses at your intentions and less mistakes. And you can switch levels during a game.

Practice alone. Share The Fun.

The artificial opponent in Tria is clever enough to keep you occupied as you’re getting better. It cannot shout or brag at you though. When looking for that kind of fun, switch to two-player mode. Use your device as the board and challenge your family and friends.


Available for iPhone and iPod touch.

Available for iPhone and iPod touch.

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Rising Bar. Rising pressure.

Enabling the game clock gives each player limited time to finish the game. A player’s clock runs only during the player’s turn. The higher the level, the less the available time.

Lucky Spin. Change Of Turn.

Playing first can be an advantage. To be fair, a realistic wheel spins randomly to the starting color. It then turns after every move to show the next player. The wheel always knows.

Black Or White?

East and West don’t seem to agree on what’s the best color. Decide for yourself by changing the color of your pieces whenever you like, even halfway through a game.

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